Hello world!

Hello everyone.  This blog that I am attempting to create is based on ideas that I have about what I have seen in my life.  These are things that I am very passionate about and ideas that I want to share with those who will listen because I believe that these ideas should be talked about and discussed, as that is the first real step towards change.  I have not always felt this way as I was like most people and let things go by and assumed that someone else would take the first step needed to initiate the changes that this world needs to make.  Of course, only then would I join in on the bandwagon and support and let my thoughts on a subject be known.  Well, that is not good enough and if no one else is going to do it then I will be the one to lay down the gauntet so to speak.  I want to exchange ideas and hear what others have to say about my ideas whether you agree with me or not.  I want this to be a place where we can all voice what is important to us, but do so in a way that is respectful and meaningful to what we really feel and what might be of interest to someone else that might read it.  Thank you all for reading and I hope that this is the beginning of something that will grow and spark thoughts and ideas and help us to better understand what it important to all of us.


About oneworldtogether

I am someone that has lots of ideas about many subjects and I want to share these ideas with others and hear your thoughts as well in a respectful and non judgemental way. Hopefully, through this process we can grow and become more tolerant of each other and spark change to make this world a better place!!!!!
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