LGBT Rights……..

It is a fundamental right for everyone to be happy as long as their happiness does not infringe upon the happiness of others. Now I would think that something that has to do with two  consenting adults in the privacy of their own home would qualify as something that is considered happiness that does not interfere with another person’s happiness. Why is it so hard to let people be happy and to let them live their lives and to have the same rights as everyone else. Why is it the policy of many individuals to think that they have the right to dictate what another person’s rights should be when their beliefs do not coincide with one another?

It clearly states in the Declaration of Independence quite the opposite.  A quote from a very eloquent man named Thomas Jefferson in 1776 said:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I read nowhere in this sentence where it states any qualifiers as to whom this applies to.  It does not say that there are exceptions to this rule or that someone is allowed to exert their power to decide otherwise for anyone that they do not deem qualified to fall under this category.  Not that it is a category to begin with since it clearly states “all men”.

Throwing religion in there to make a point is cowardliness and shows how there is no real platform to stand on except one that someone else created centuries ago that is so antiquated that a great majority of it does even apply today.  Where is the separation of church and state?  If that is the case then why is someone’s religious views being used to promote the idea that indeed we are not all created equal.  Again I go back to the Declaration of Independence as ask where does it illustrate exceptions to this rule?

We need to understand that the world is different and made up of lots of different types of people and we all have the right to be happy. No one has the right to repress anyone and to tell someone else how they should live their lives.  We need to make these changes so that everyone can lead a life of peace and mutual respect and appreciate our differences instead of condemning individuals for those same differences.  We need to take the advice of the wise men who created the laws for this country centuries ago.  Everyone is equal and everyone deserves the same rights under the law and to be treated as such.

Even if you want to use the Bible as a reference, doesn’t it say that you should not judge?  Granted, it says a lot of other things that you are allowed to do, but most of those things would be illegal now and everyone promoting their rhetoric knows this but they still insist on picking and choosing what they want to promote because it is what the”good book” says to do.  Again, separation of church and state.  How can someone think that “paraphrased” ideals written in a book over two thousand years ago would in any way apply today?  I am not saying anything against the men that wrote the book, but they were just that, men, and I am guessing that they were dictating their own interpretation of the words that they so painstakingly were putting to paper.

We are all human beings that are different and amazing and have so much to contribute to the world and we should not be critical about someone’s basic need to be loved and to love.  We all have that right and whoever thinks that they have the right to take that away from anyone based on the ideals of doctrine written over two thousand years ago when it clearly states in the Declaration of Independence to the contrary, are grossly out of touch.  We are all here together to build a life that is right and just for everyone and to help nurture equality and mutual respect so that hopefully the next generation will not be bogged down with such petty issues that are tearing our world apart!  To live in a world where everyone can be proud to be themselves and not feel that they need to hide what makes them unique and special from the rest of the world.  All PEOPLE are created equal!!!!!!!!


About oneworldtogether

I am someone that has lots of ideas about many subjects and I want to share these ideas with others and hear your thoughts as well in a respectful and non judgemental way. Hopefully, through this process we can grow and become more tolerant of each other and spark change to make this world a better place!!!!!
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