So what about the world you might ask!!!!!

Hey there everyone.  I recently took a trip abroad and had a wonderful time and was blessed with this experience and the privilege of being able to see so many different cultures first had that I had only gotten a glimpse of here in the USA.

Although I knew that there would be things that would affect me and change the way that I saw the world I was not prepared for some of the things that I saw.

For instance the beautiful examples of history and the way that the countries show respect for things that came before them.  For the way that these things are taken care of.  For the respect for where these people came from and where they are going.  There were times when these marvels and their people were overwhelming to me and it made me stop and really take it in.  This is something that i did quite often as I wanted to experience what it was like now for them and for what it might have been like back in the day so to speak.

What really got me the most, was the way that these countries take care of their own.  This is what really took me back and made me take a second look.  I really looked for it too and I really listened to what was going on around me intently.

What shocked me was that there was not the epidemics that there are in other places.  Not to say that it does not exist but it was almost undetectable compared to the levels I see everyday at home.

What I am talking about are things like homelessness and hunger, medical care and the environment.  What I saw was amazing and really eye opening.  For instance, when I was in London I saw a total of 1 homeless person the whole time I was there and I was all over the place.  Then I went to Paris and I saw nothing there at all.

What is it that other parts of the world are doing that is so different that what others are doing.  Why does it seem that some countries are better taking care of their own and making life better for their people and other countries are failing miserably.  Do not get me wrong I know that everyone has their troubles, but when I compare other places to what I see every day, I am amazed at what the differences are.  When I walk out of my door I can see at least a dozen homeless people within 4 blocks of my house and when I was there I saw 1 in an entire city.  I cannot believe that they were all evading me cause they did not want to tarnish the tourist’s experience.

Have they learned something that we have not or something that we are just too stubborn to learn?  Why is there a difference in the way people are treated in different parts of the world.  Why can’t there be an equilibrium that works for us all?  The last time that I checked we were all on this planet together and there was no one else around that is going to help us when we finally let our pettiness get the best of us and we destroy ourselves.

What is wrong with stepping up and helping the person next to you and not letting them lie in the gutter and go hungry.  We cannot say what we would do if we were ever in this situation because apparently we are not in that situation and we want to keep it that way so we will not go anywhere neat someone that is having those difficulties because that shit is contagious…or at least it smells really bad.

When are we going to realize that the way we are heading is not the right way we should be going.  It is not about money or power or who has the most shit when they die, cause guess what, you still die!!!!!  It is about how we treat one another and how we get through this together and not separately.  We are social animals and we are meant to be with others and saying that why are we not helping one another and making our life a better life by taking someone’s hand and saying you are not alone and you do not have to go through it alone because I am here to help.  What is wrong with doing that?????

When are we going to start accepting another person’s or cultures differences.  That would end war right there.  Why shouldn’t everyone have the right to pick up a good book and experience the wonder of a magical story or learn about anything that they want to.  Yes there might be a woman out there in one of those countries where they are not allowed to read that could actually get through to you and help to you to understand that there is another way.  Maybe that is the reason why they are beaten like the child who is in and out of the hospital in England now for a gunshot that caused because she wanted to have the same rights at a man.  Of course that is what these people are afraid of isn’t it?

It is all about picking up the slack and understanding that no one can do it alone and no one should have to.  Where I am weak, you are strong and vice versa.  If we thought that way instead of wondering how we were going to keep up the Jones’ or how we were going to make that $10,000,000 to leave to our children when that is the last thing they need.  They need you, not new car at 16.  They need to learn that there is a better way than the way things have been going for as long as we can remember.  Hasn’t thousands of years taught us that this way does not work?

So lets get off of the backs of the people that are trying to change things so that life is good for all and not the few and stand behind them and ask them what you can do to help me this world one that can change the lives of everyone on the planet, including yours.  What do you say….is now a good time to change the world???!!


About oneworldtogether

I am someone that has lots of ideas about many subjects and I want to share these ideas with others and hear your thoughts as well in a respectful and non judgemental way. Hopefully, through this process we can grow and become more tolerant of each other and spark change to make this world a better place!!!!!
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