I just have a few questions!!!??

Can someone tell me why it is alright for 1 in 4 Americans to be making less than $10 an hour?

Is there a reason why almost half of the US population cannot afford the basics for their families? How can anyone justify this???

Why is it that people are so poor and desperate that they would hold someone else hostage just to get their power turned back on?

What makes someone die at home or perform surgery on themselves because they cannot go to a hospital because they cannot afford it?

Why is it that there are so many people living their lives making others rich & those people will react by taking more away from them?????

The average clerk at Wal-Mart makes about $9 an hour and the 6 heirs are worth about $90 billion. Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

Is there a reason why there are children going hungry because their parents are only making $9 an hour because they cannot afford to go to college?

Is there a particular reason why the gov’t is afraid of big business and big oil and allows them to destroy this country and the world?????

Is there a reason why the world is so brainwashed that a dream come true is a BMW and a Rolex instead of lending a hand to someone in need?

Why is it that the more someone is financially successful that all they want is more and seem to care less about people and more about $$$$?

Why does it seem that we work hard for things like the car, gourmet coffee, and a home in the hills instead of living a life w/ good human values?

Why have we gotten so desensitized to the problems of the world that I can witness someone stepping over someone ill in the street w/ no regard for them?

Why has the world gotten so bad that it seems that sharing and doing the right thing has garnered a negative connotation? Is that right?

Why do we look at what it’s going to cost us instead of thinking about how the world could have cleaner air & no need for chemical engineered food?

What’s wrong with a world that takes care of children & future generations so they can grow up & go to school and do the same?

Why is it that money seems to be the main focus when it comes to quality of care a child that is in need of medical care gets?

Who is to blame for the human injustices of the world? The ones that do it or the ones that let them get away with it? Which one are you??

However, let’s just keep solving these problems with a casual head turn, so that we don’t have to deal with them and so we can, more horrifically, deny that they even exist. That seems to be working for everyone so far doesn’t it? People are so selfish and so easily put upon that a simple request for help turns into a plethora of lies, avoidance and I’ll call you laters that we do not even realize what we are doing anymore. It has all become so automatic that we simply do it without even thinking about it.

That is a real problem,but yet no one seems in any big hurry to work on solving the problem. What is 5 minutes of your time really going to cost you? How much would it really hurt you to be there for someone when they need you? How hard would it be to think of someone else for a change and not simply look at what you are going to get out of it? What would it hurt for you to change gears in your mind and heart and actually be motivated to help others have it a bit easier than to think about how the world revolves around you and what kind of upgrades you are going to get on your next Mercedes when you lease on the current one is up?

What is going to happen when none of this means anything anymore? What is going to happen when this is all gone and there is no more? Are people going to be so devoid of what it means to be a real human being that they will quietly fold into themselves and either end of a shell that reminisces about the good ole days when they were rich and successful and better than anyone else or will they take the express elevator from the top floor to the pavement? Let’s hope that we learn quickly and this never happens, but the way the world is going it is going take some serious mind changing to change the attitudes of the people that drive the Mercedes Benz’s and feel people are disposable and do not deserve integrity, and those people that subjugate people simply because they can with no force willing to stand up and say no more. This stops here!!!!!

What it is going to take for mothers to stop having to go to funerals of their children because they were shot going to buy a gallon of milk in the wrong neighborhood? What it is going to take for a mother to not have to choose between her daughter and her husband because the family did not have a good drug crop this season? Why, why is this happening and who lets it happen? We all do!!!!! We fill our lives with petty things like window coverings, upholstery colors and where to lunch instead of how to keep the injustices from affecting another innocent life. Wouldn’t that be a mind blower if someone actually did that? Well I am ready……blow my mind!!!!!


About oneworldtogether

I am someone that has lots of ideas about many subjects and I want to share these ideas with others and hear your thoughts as well in a respectful and non judgemental way. Hopefully, through this process we can grow and become more tolerant of each other and spark change to make this world a better place!!!!!
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