I am Malala

I am Malala!

At one time you would have dismissed it and thought nothing more than what an unusual name. However, now she has become a girl that has stood up to the Taliban and said enough. She stands up for fairness and equality for girls all over the world. She gives young girls hope for a brighter tomorrow with the knowledge that you are intelligent and brave and deserve to have the same education that any boy can have.

We all talk all the time how we are only one person and how there is no way that we can make a difference and then decide to do nothing. Do not get me wrong, I am one of those people that made that decision on occasion and walked the other way. I will live with that guilt for the rest of my life, just like the rest of you who have done the same from time to time in your own lives.

However, this young girl went from being someone, that under normal circumstances, would have never meant anything to us, is now speaking in front of the United Nations about equality and education for all. She says that with a pen and paper we can change the world. Not with hate or retribution or war or violent fighting that seems to be the MO of every country that wants to suppress its residents or the residents of the lands that they conquer. Even peaceful nations, if there really is such a thing anymore, seem to resolve themselves to battle, if not with other countries, then with each other. Even the great country that I call home is guilty of both internal and external wars that can be better solved with the lessons that this young girl has to teach.

Just like little Samantha Smith before her who only wanted peace and human rights for all when she wrote that letter to Yuri Andropov in the late 70’s. Of course her life was cut short when the plane she was on crashed and she was killed. Fortunately for young girls everywhere, Malala was not a sad story that ended in death when the Taliban tried to kill her a year ago. She is an amazing human being that is intelligent, resourceful, honest, spirited and above all else is beaming with love for even those that tried to kill her and wishes them no harm or persecution. What we could all learn from this child.

Let her be a beacon of hope for all of us instead of the way that we normally handle things, with weapons and bombs and tough talk. Or more internally, lies, deceit and duplicitous behavior. Take away the condonation and you take away the power that it yields. Even this 16 year old child knows this. Why is it so hard for the rest of us to get it?????

Lets take a cue from someone who knows better; not because of her advanced years and the life experience that she has, but because of what she knows in her heart to be right and what she believes, and that is we are all equal, man and woman, and east and west. We are all human beings sharing this planet that does not below to any one person or group, but to us all, so therefore we are all on equal footing and deserve an equal share of what the world has to offer and not what someone tells us we are allowed to have.

Everyone deserves an education and this right has been dangled in front of the oppressed for far too long. We all deserve this right as we all deserve the right to shape this world into what works for us all. Without education and knowledge our voice can unfortunately go unheard and that is extremely unacceptable. This mindset of me me me is unacceptable because you are not the only one living here. We all do and if we do not start seeing that then we are going to destroy ourselves and then when we are all gone and we have destroyed this earth, you will have nothing to control.


About oneworldtogether

I am someone that has lots of ideas about many subjects and I want to share these ideas with others and hear your thoughts as well in a respectful and non judgemental way. Hopefully, through this process we can grow and become more tolerant of each other and spark change to make this world a better place!!!!!
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